Sunday, 16 March 2014

The sounds.

This is the sound made by the original noise maker. The length of the chain really impacts the sound. 
Instead of listening to the objects moving along the chain you end up hearing the thud after it. 

Activating the noise maker:
I found I could get sound from my noise maker by: pulling the chains, running my hands through them, 
lifting up and down the structure, shaking it side to side, placing it next to a wall and letting the chain 
hit that. 

In this video you can see the change that lifting the noise maker has. now only one chain makes a thud 
which works well to break up the sounds and provides a point of difference. I still
like the sound of the objects on the chain but think that perhaps its a little too loud - 
I was aiming for a softer more layered sound, these sounds seem to work against each other. 
I also think the potential from this noise maker is stunted as the chains are too short. 

Moving forward I want to try and create a noise maker where the sounds are softer and more 
harmonious. I still want to work with metal on chain and the idea of my final performance being visual
 - the audience can see how I activate the noise maker.

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