Monday, 31 March 2014


In this Video I demonstrate the range of sounds I can get from my noise maker:

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Chains: This is my most used way of creating sound. There are 6 chains and each one makes a slightly different sound - some are barely audible others can become relatively loud. Having the variety in sound is really great I use all of the chains in the performance sometimes I also layer them to get a different sound that has more depth.

Smacking: This again used the chain, like before each chain makes a different sound when smacked on the wall. If I use the thick chain this is how I get my loudest sound from my noise maker. I also have a very little chain that has no wire loops on it that I use purely for hitting the wall. I don't use this particular chain much in the performance much as it easily gets drowned out.

Lifting: I can lift the frame up and down either very fast and lightly or loud and slowly. This can be used to make a good beat or a highlight as the sound when I smash this on the floor is very loud.

Scraping: This is a very subtle sound that I also don't use in this performance. This is because it doesn't have much impact. But if its quite enough its a really interesting sound.

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