Monday, 31 March 2014


We discussed many ways of how to set up the audience. At first we thought we could get 
everyone in to a circle and we would perform in the middle, this then developed in to the audience
facing outwards so they could only hear us not see us. We then decided that how we play was really
important and the audience had to see. 

The main factor that restricted how we could or couldn't set ourselves us up like was that I need to be
close to a wall to activate my noise maker. Above is what we came up with - this works well because I
 am still a part of the group visually and I don't have my back to the audience they can see what I am
doing. This plan and moving the audience was unnecessary as the wall its self can be moved.

Is this is how we will be set up when performing. During the first half I am by the wall so I can activate my noise maker, I then move away to the position shown in the photo so that the audience can really see what I am doing. The way we are all spaced out means we can see each other and the score at all times which is key to making sure our performance runs smoothly.

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