Sunday, 30 March 2014


What I have found fascinating through out this whole process is interpretation, from what different
people  hear as a 'nice sound' or how one person might draw a swoosh compared to another.
 Recently I have found that working in a group situation it can be difficult to come up with a way of drawing that
everybody could understand.

I personally found that drawing a composition the way I have above is the best:
The three lines signifies the crinkling of plastic, then a short pause before start off loud at the 
triangle base an work out way to the point where we gradually become silent. Pause. 
We all use the bucket. Pause. we start of the original piece (one we had been working on 
earlier that we wanted to add a intro to) 

If I wanted my composition to be more specific with in the
blocks that make up the composition I could draw each individual sound like we have been doing.
From this as a group we have discussed taking our A1 paper and cutting it in to the shapes of how the
 noise will flow. Its a really clear and simple way of visually communicating our composition - the
mark indicates what sound and its position within each shape dictates how loud it is and the the shape
 in general tells you how to play - loud to soft, constant etc..

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