Monday, 31 March 2014

Make some Noise

At first I was really apprehensive about this paper, its completely different from what I expected of 
Massey. But as the weeks have gone on and I have developed my noise maker I have begun to really
enjoy myself. What I am most happy with is how much I have learnt about my own 
process of how I make art and how much I have opened my mind to new possibilities. I feel like high
school can be restricting in terms of art, by doing this paper first at Massey I think it will effect how I 
complete the rest of my work through out this year. 

My 100% completed noise maker. 

Our final performance went so well, there were no hiccups and we all seemed to follow the score perfectly. 
All our practice was worth while as we remembered all our cues and according to some audience members 
we looked confident. In general we received some really lovely feed back and the whole class
was very supportive. Over all the experience was really beneficial, hopefully through this I will 
be able to become a more confident performer. 

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