Monday, 31 March 2014

Final Composition

This is our final score. To most people it probably looks a bit of a mess but to our group its very clear.
We each understand the the meanings of the colours and the volume of the sound depending on its size.
The tempo of each section can be seen through the density of mark making. At the beginning of the last
 third, we call this double time and its a very fast paced section of the performance there fore these is a
 lot of colour and marks to show this.

We ended up sticking to the original paper and not the shaped ones, we came to the conclusion that we
were already so comfortable with what we had done it would have been confusing to change it half

( click to enlarge)

My mark Making -

First third : I come in at the start with smacks, drawn in purple (my colour through out) short lines. The
line is short and fat: short line, short sound, dense line, loud sound. I then move on to shaking a range
of my chains to get  a layered sound. To symbolise the multiple chain, I have multiple lines each over
lapping. This section is completed by us yelling in the bucket "introducing ourselves".

Middle : for this part I come in with one chain and slowly build up to three. I switch up what chains I
as I feel necessary. Right at the end of this I sound the transition by smashing my frame on to the floor.
 this is drawn with a big jagged line above my name. My name is there to remind us that its me as up
 until a day before we perform it was Maddy so I had to remember to do it.

Last third: In the 'double speed' section, I lift my frame up and down fast but gentle to get a tapping
 sound. This is shown with the lines waving to show its not as harsh as the loud bang and they over
lap because the 'Taps' are so close together. At the end of this we fade out in to soft sounds where
I use both my two softest chains : one makes a clinking sound thats very spaced and definite,
this is documented in a tick shaped mark for the 'clink' 'clink' 'clink'. The next sound it is much
more whimsical, its softer so I drew it as a soft squiggle. There are lots of the squiggles to represent
the loops traveling up and down the chain.

We considered mihi mihi while composing. As a result we each have a solo to introduce our noise maker,
We introduce ourselves as performers with the bucket and the the way we laid out our performance
considered mihi mihi throughout. The first part is shy and awkward, then its loud as the conversation starts to flow.
In terms of meeting people at Massey we discussed how when you meet someone it goes like this:
 make statement ( awkward start/ crinkle of paper), discussion about papers/halls/massey starts, the you
 mention your name (bucket) the conversation flows with ups and downs till it fades out . Our
 composition mimics this.

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