Saturday, 8 March 2014

New Object - Plastic Bags.

I decided to move on from using the teapot as one of my objects, it turned out to be very limited in 
the range of sounds it could produce and because of what its made from (china) the ways 
I could manipulate weren’t very extensive either. 
Basically I could either tap it, blow it, rub it or smash it .

In its place I will be using plastic bags. I think these could have more noise making potential as 
they are readily available so I can use 50 if that what I chose to do, they can be inflated, 
tied together, stretched out and pulled tight. I should be able to created a much broader range 
of sound using the bags there is also that can be done to them in terms of manipulation because 
it doesn’t matter if it breaks.

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