Monday, 31 March 2014


During our four hour session we managed to put down almost our whole composition. The first thinner
 part you can see is the 'intro' we worked on and developed form scratch that day. The next larger part
 that sits in the middle of the composition is our 'original score', one we had been developing in class for
 the past week, the end part we hadn't draw out as this stage but we knew it was going to be very soft
 and subtle. 

Our score isn't perfectly laid out, neat or tidy but its very functional. To all of our group members its easy
to read and you can clearly see what the sound will be like. We initially started with the middle sheet of 
paper and messily put down our sounds as a draft but as we worked with it and edited it we became
very familiar with the piece and we all felt it would have been to confusing to replace it with a 
'pretty' version. 

Sticking with our original score we decided we wanted to lengthen it, and move away from the
 composition of starting quiet and moving towards a bang, instead we wanted it to fluctuate and have
 lots of high and low points - much like Dadsons performance did. This should make our performance
 much more interesting to listen to. In terms of lengthening our work we want it to be around the 5
 minute mark, we can go up to 9 minutes but this seems too long - possibly boring for the audience and
 difficult to remember/easy to mess up for us. Anything under 4.30 mins and we wont be able to show
 all our sounds and the potential of our noise makers.

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