Sunday, 16 March 2014

NEW noise maker

While deciding how to move forward with my noisemaker I remembered that when only one side 
of the chain was fastened to the frame of my initial noisemaker it made a really great sound. 
I took this idea decided to make a large frame that I could dangle chains down from. It had to be 
big so that I could make constant sound the further the objects can move down the chain
the longer the sound can be held for.

In terms of what to put on the chains, I wanted to find a material that wouldn't be as loud as the previous things I had used. 
I ended up finding some wire, this worked well because its so thin 
the sound is soft but because its made of metal it still creates a noise loud enough for a performance 
and it has that 'metallic' aspect to it that I thought worked well in the last experiment. 

when I put lots of these little wire circles together I find that it makes a really beautiful clinking sound,
 its soft but when you have so many it is amplified. I want this sound to be the new focus of my 
noise maker. Although I might introduce some of the elements from the previous design 
to give the sound more depth (the tin lid, the metal loops etc..)


Inspiration for new noise maker - wire loops on chain.

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