Thursday, 13 March 2014

Objects Working Together

This chain being the thickest means it gives off the loudest sound. I have amplified this by combining 
it with the nosiest material - the metal and taken it further again by adding four loops that also 
bang together. 

These two work best together as this is the smoothest chain I had to work with, if the plastic goes 
against a thicker chain it gets bumped around too much meaning its not on the chain making sound.

This chain and metal worked best together, the thickness wasn't too much that the metal got caught but
it was also enough to make a decent sound.

I paired these two as this chain was the only one that could make the most of the multiple layers 
running through the center of this piece of manipulated tin. Anything thicker and you would loose the 
variety of sounds created but the different layers. 

This combination is very similar to the first but simplified as it is made up from one ring and chain
 rather than five so its softer and more soothing.  

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