Sunday, 16 March 2014

NEW noise maker - Additions.

At first I thought I would keep this noise maker simple seeing as the other one became over
 complicated. I connected three chains/strings from the top.

Right to left:

ONE - This is a piece of yarn with 5 metal metal loops on it from the previous noise maker.
The issue with this was that because the yarn was so smooth the loops didn't vibrate and create sound.
If I shook the string violently the loops would make noise by bouncing off each other but
that movement would be difficult to sustain for a whole performance. To make this strand work I need to add texture to the yarn.

TWO - This is the medium chain, on it I put 15 small wire loops. This makes a really beautiful
sound however some of the loops get caught so I might add more so that the sound is just as loud
even when some are stuck.

THREE - This is the thickest chain with some yarn at the top also. Initially this was just to fasten
the chain to the frame but I like how the sound stops so abruptly when it meets the yarn.
Because of the thickness of this chain I put a large wire loop on it - any smaller and it would
have gotten caught mid performance. This sound would be made
much better by adding MORE!

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