Sunday, 30 March 2014


This is our second composition, we took on board the feed back from the class and continued 
to work with what people had reacted positively to, tweaked things that didn't work so well. We 
then wanted to develop the sound we were making. As a group we tend to lean towards
more complicated performances with many layers of sound.

At the top in black and brown you can see that Maddy and Bella continue with the beat they put together
in our first composition,  I come in three times at random ( there is not set moment but they are roughly 
spaced out and get louder/longer each time.) I then change to hitting the wall as we build
to the highlight that is Maddy whacking the bucket, when she does this we go to silence. 
While this goes on Jenny is shaking her noise maker continuously in to the amp. 
You can see at the end of the green line she also starts to get louder.

In this composition, I am the pink marks. The first three squiggly lines show me moving my chains in 
the standard way to create the jingling sound. Depending on how many lines is how many chains I 
move. While messing around with our noise makers, Maddy found that the chains made 
a really interesting sound when hit against the wall. To keep my personal performance interesting I
 want to be able to show the range of sound that can be made from my noise maker. However because 
I need a wall to activate this sound it limits the places a can stand in a room while I perform. 

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