Saturday, 29 March 2014


Above is our first group composition, we took what we had learnt in previous lessons about how to
 draw sound and put down our noises in a more formal style thats reminiscent of a music score.

Unlike the work we had done previously, our composition had to be drawn in a way that
each individual can see what the other is playing, it had to be clear and understandable to all four
members. To ensure this as a group we decided keep all our sound marks in a line and individual
colours so its easy to understand.

This composition was made as part of an exercise where there were certain elements we had to include.
These elements included a constant sound and a highlight. You can see in the composition,  the
constant sound is a green line that makes its way across the entire page with no break. This sound
was made by Jenny. As a group we thought it would be best for her to be the constant as her noise
complimented the rest of ours so well. The highlight is the bright blue circle at the 1/3 mark. The
 highlight was Maddy's sound she created when she hit the bucket. We decided she would be the best
highlight as she could make the sound with the most shock factor.

While doing this composition we spent a lot of time discussing how to draw our sounds and what we
wanted our piece to sound - we did barely and physical noise making. Instead we just drew it up on the
paper with out seeing what it all sounded like together. This showed me personally its much better to
have a 'jam' find the noises we can make as a group and then record them as a composition.

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