Sunday, 16 March 2014


For now this is my final noisemaker. Since I last blogged about it I have doubled the amount of 
dangling strands, edited the objects on them and made the noise maker self standing.  
Compared to my noisemaker before I am much happier with this version aesthetically its 
better but more importantly the sound is much much better.

Strand one – This initially was a problem area of my noise maker – because the wool was so 
smooth when the metal loops travelled down it they didn’t vibrate/move so no noise was created. 
I have continued to use the wool, but double it back on itself till the strand was made up of 5 pieces 
of yarn. To give texture I then bent small pieces of wire around the wool so tight 
that it couldn’t slip down.

Strand two – I have kept this strand relatively the same apart from doubling the amount of small 
loops on it. In previous experiments I realised that some of the loops were being caught on the 
chain and wouldn’t loosen for around 10 seconds. If you only have 15 loops and 4 of them 
stop half way through the performance it has a real impact on the sound. 
To over come this I added more so it is less obvious when some stop.

Strand three - This strand is the subtlest of them all it has two different types of fine chain with 
yarn in-between. Because the chain is so fine it barely moves so only a very soft sound is made. 
To make sire it audible I have got 30 wire loops on it.

Strand four – Again, this strand worked well in the previous experiment so I have left it almost the 
same but moved from 1 large wire loop to 7 to get more depth in the sound.

Strand five – This is also a very subtle sound like strand three, how ever has slightly louder sound 
as its not broken up by the wool. I really like the sounds made by the more subtle strands they 
provide a real contrast prom the other sounds created. This strand has 20 small wire loops on it.

Strand six – Is almost identical to the first strand but it only has one metal loop on it so it creates a 
much simpler version of the sound.

At the end of each strand I have put either a large wire loop covered in wool or a folded pieces of 
wire also covered in wool. These act as both handles and stoppers to keep the loops from coming 
of the chains. They are covered in wool for aesthetics but also to cover the sharp end of the 
wire that can dig in to your hand as you activate the noise maker.

Through out recreating my noise maker I was determined that I wanted to keep it simple but I 
decided that I need to double my amount if chain so that I could gain a range of different sounds as 
well as give myself the choice of being able to make a chaotic loud sound. 
At this stage I don’t know what my final performance will be like so I want to have as many 
options as possible.

I have added to my noisemakers frame so that it is now self standing. This is a really important aspect 
to it so that I can have both hands free to manipulate the chains. It also needed to be relatively stable 
so that I can shake the chains as hard as I need to. I have added legs sticking out horizontally 
because I didn’t want to abstract the audiences view or to have elements of the frame 
in the way of the chains.

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