Monday, 31 March 2014


Improvisation #1
Improvisation #2

Like I have previously mentioned, our group felt we limited ourselves by being too precious with our noise makers and by also drawing out our sounds before we made them which ruined the 'flow' of what we were creating. For this rehearsal we decided to have a 'jam' record it, listen to it and then pick out the best parts to put in to our score. Through doing this we stumbled across combinations of 
sounds we hadn't even considered. 

We were really inspired by Dadson and the other performers we had seen earlier in the week, the way
 the improvised was so impressive, however it would be impossible for us to recreate something like with such little experience. There are moment in the above recordings that sound really amazing but there are just as many if not more areas that don't sound so great. 

We also learnt that when improvising, or even performing in general its so important to listen to each other, to pick up on what some one else is doing and add to it, or you can tune in to the movement of the sound - if its getting faster/louder/quieter etc..

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