Wednesday, 19 March 2014

DRAWING SOUND - independent study

Taking inspiration from the Dada art I has seen I began to make my own word based sound drawing. 

I stared with a watercolor background made up of a mix of muted colours. I chose these because 
the sounds are soft like the de-saturated tones; the mix of sounds created by my noisemaker 
is represented in the range of colours. I went with watercolours because of the way they blend 
and the soft look have. This references the way the my sounds fade in 
and out and work together.

The words I used came from listening to my noisemaker ad picking out the main sounds 
I heard I then tried to write them in a way that showed how much variety one sound had 
(change in size/direction/spacing etc..). I kept the lines fluid and random as that’s how I interpret 
my sound, the lines of words also come in at random some times out from 
different lines this indicates the introduction of a new strand being activated.

Compositionally I kept the writing small on the page, as the sounds I create don’t really fill the 
space so I wanted to show that. I also wanted some strands to flow out further as my sounds 
seem to travel, as they are high pitch and metallic sounding. 
I also wanted to include the dashed lines as to me it’s a visual representation of my 
noisemaker – a whole lot of small clinks coming together to make something much bigger.

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