Saturday, 15 March 2014

Noise maker - Version one.

After putting all the elements of my noisemaker together this is what it ended up as. 
While assembling the noise maker I instantly realised that I had made it too low and the chains 
too short. As a result they couldn’t move enough to create a good sound as the objects on the 
chain only move about 5cm. Some of the chains also hit the ground – I liked this as it gave a 
new dimension to the noise created. A ‘tinkling’ sound followed by a ‘clunk’.

I added plastic bags so the end of the noisemaker in the hope it gave the noise more direction 
and amplified it.  It changed the sound but only slightly. I also discovered that the plastic bag could 
be activated to make sound if I ran my fingers down it a loud ‘screeching’ sound – similar to when 
you rub a balloon. But I could feel that the plastic wouldn’t have lasted long being used in that way.

Options to explore: 
     - finding new ways to activate the noise maker
     - look in to heightening the structure 

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