Thursday, 13 March 2014

M a t e r i a l s

Although the phase of experimenting with the raw objects was pivotal to creating my noise make
 I found it un-inspiring. I found that I work much better when I come up with a basic plan and 
then execute it. 
Then with further experimentation I am able to refine my noisemaker.

Knowing this I first sourced what objects I could from around my house and the headed to 
Bunning’s where I found the timber I needed and got some off cuts of chain that were going to
be thrown out as useless.

During the process of building the frame I found that I edited my initial plan as I went: 
I made the frame longer and thinner than I had first thought as I felt it was important to create 
layers of sound with different types of chains - with the shorter frame I wouldn't have been able 
to do this.

building the initial frame.

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