Saturday, 22 March 2014

DRAWING SOUND - collaboration

As part of Mondays drawing sound session we were encouraged to get in to groups and make one 
massive sound drawing. Where we would all draw the same sounds simultaneously. 
Above is the work I helped to create, I found this exercise really interesting to see how differently
 people interpret and visualise sound. I also think its really interesting that although we all portrayed 
the sound differently you can still make out the composition of the music where the louder parts 
are and where the softer parts are. Doing this also helped me realise that people hear thing so
 differently, or their ears pick up on different elements of a noise that someone else may just ignore. 
By having several people draw I feel it creates a more complete visual of the sound.

These are examples of the other works made by groups from the class.
Looking at these you realise how differently we all interpreted the same music. Seeing these
helps me to develop new ways of documenting the sound.
I also think it worked really well to seperate each group member with and individual colour.

I really like the work with the red colour pallet, all the sounds overlap and mix in together the
way that different noises work together to make music.

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