Monday, 31 March 2014

The amp.

Taking on board some advice from a class critique I decided to try out my noise maker on the amplifier.
A lot of my noises are very soft and could be made better when louder. However because we had such
 limited time with the amp (in class hours only) and so many people wanted to use it I only began
 experimenting with it a few days before we had to perform. 

The amp did very little for my noise maker, because the sound comes from the wires moving along the
 chain it makes it really difficult to keep it up close to the mic for it to be picked up on. I showed my
 group and they too agreed that it wouldn't be worth using, although my noise maker is soft it just means 
the audience has to listen harder and I like that, I think it makes for an engaging performance. I also
 think we have composed in a way thats mindful of mine being quite so its not drowned out, it might 
not be the centre of attention but when performing in a group not everyone can. I feel 
that my noise is more of a soft constant rather than a highlight.

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