Monday, 31 March 2014


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Once again taking inspiration from Dadson, our group decided we really liked how he had used the space,
and how Dadson was so physical with his noise makers so that it was visually engaging as well.
Maddy suggested that we should try some interpretive dance to encourage us to use the space, the full
 motion of our bodies and also relax and get comfortable performing in front of each other.
Although it felt silly at the time I think this was a turning point, we started seeing what we are
doing as a real performance not just creating a sound, it also made us closer as a group and more willing to try stranger ideas.

After the interpretive dance I was now playing my noise maker much more physically, crouching
 down, standingn up, stepping back etc.. I therefore got a much wider range of sound and I had a
 greater stage presence. Over all my performance was better

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