Thursday, 20 March 2014

DRAWING SOUND - class activity

This was my first attempt at noise drawing - its very uptight and relatively small on the page. 
However size does reflect the sound so its not too much of an issue. 
In this work I tried to portray the cascading sound of the music we listened to with the flowing curves. 
The next sound I drew was a high pitch 'ting', it was loud and quick so I did a small black circles 
with faded circles around them to capture the echo.

This next piece is is much more fluid. Its completed using both hands simultaneously and with my 
eyes shut this basically forced me to loosen up. I feel this work captures the layers of sound I heard as
 well as their delicacy. Most of the lines are thin and smooth  however these are some areas of small 
sharp lines as well to portray the different sounds of the music.

This is is part one of three A1 pages. Its a collaborative work made with two other students 
where we all documented the same music at once. 

Sound Library - visually recording a range of sounds to come back to.

This is my final drawing from the class, this has the widest range of sounds as 
I had refined the way I could draw noise. In this work I also began to write in a more linear way
thats reminiscent of a traditional music composition.

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