Thursday, 13 March 2014


This post explores the brain storming process I went through to develop my first noise maker concept:

Initially I thought I would build one frame out of timber and have chains hanging down from it, 
I would make it so that the frame could be balanced across my knees as I 'play it'. 
To activate this noise maker I would pull up one side of the frame or to the side so that whatever 
object I had attached to the chain would move along creating sound as it connected with the 
uneven surface of the chain. 

I decided to develop this idea further and create a noise maker that could stand alone, 
this way I think I will be able to find more experimental ways to play it as its not relying on me 
sitting down to be activated. With this plan I would create six rectangles and then stick them to gather to make a solid cube shape frame. 
From this I would then hang the chains as previously stated. I wanted 
the shape of the frame to be long so a variety of chains could be strung across it so I can create a range of sounds.

While further refining this plan I decided that it was unnecessary for the frame to be an actual cube,
I will get the level of stability I need using half the materials. I have considered covering up the sides 
of the box to amplify the sound but in terms of a performance I want the audience to be able to see 
how I am activating the noise maker also I Imagine that the chains will swing around a 
lot when activated - I don't want to limit the sounds it can create by constricting its space.

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