Sunday, 9 March 2014

Can Experiment 1

This is what I managed to achieve when I introduced my can to the tools. I decided that I would 
use this object as my one to cut in half (a class objective) as I was then going to try out one of my 
ideas from a brainstorm.

I had initially planned to cut the can exactly in half but because the tin snips were difficult to control 
I decided to use that to my advantage thinking that if each tab varied in length it might create a 
different sound when plucked. After cutting the can in two I carried on making incisions toward 
the base – each one a different width and length.

The who point of this experiment was that I thought as I pulled down each tab and let it go it 
would vibrate making noise, each tab thicker or thinner would make a different sound. 
How ever it turns out the tin is too thick and doesn’t vibrate enough to make sound that could 
be used in a performance.

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