Saturday, 8 March 2014

Sounds From Objects in Original Form

This post is documentation of the noises my objects could create when I only used 
my hands against it to produce sound.

These are the sounds that I could get from the teapot while it was in its original form.
Although there are a variety of sounds they are all relatively similar: there isn’t a drastic change
in volume or kind of sound that’s created – its just variations of china on china.

The sounds I got from the can in this state were relatively limited,
but I can see a lot potential for further developments if i make a few modification I should be able 
to make the most of its noise making potential. One of the main positives I identified is that the 
tin can be hit hard so as to create loud sound but it does not damage the object or is future noise making potential unlike the teapot. 

The texture of the chain meant it made a really interesting sounds when it came in to contact with 
other objects. However this is the only way it could produce sounds that could be 
heard in a live performance - perhaps I will have to investigate ways to amplify the noises created. 
It would also be interesting to experiment with different weights and thicknesses of chains 
to see the difference in sound. 

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