Tuesday, 11 March 2014


After experimenting in class and finding a way to make sound that that’s interesting and also
 has potential I decided to look for inspiration to help with how a could create a ‘noise maker’ 
rather than a pile of random objects I had collected. I want to move away from the simple 
‘here is a tin I can put a chain in it and shake it around to make sound”. 
I instead want to create something that can access the full potential from my objects, 
give me more control over the sounds I create and also be visually interesting as what the audience 
sees will also play a part in my final performance/ over all experience of the sound art I make.

multiples of the same for slightly different sounds - idea.

Use of string ? Exaggeration !! - ideas.

activation through pulling - look in to this.

Make a noise maker as tall as myself - idea

multiple pieces of metal clink together on a stick - idea

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