Saturday, 1 March 2014

Camille Norment

Camille Norments Is an artist based in America, she focuses mainly on multi media 
displays or art. Her works explore the relationships between visual and sonic sensory systems.  
The intent of her live performance art is to engage the audience both physically and 
physiologically. To do this she manipulates the audience’s senses in a way that creates tension 
between what the viewer is both seeing and hearing.  Basically she aims to create tension 
through contradictory sensory experiences, such as: looking in a mirror but not seeing your 
reflection or feeling a sound rather than hearing it.

Live performance is Norment’s preferred art form to work with; her artistic goal is 
always to push the limits as well as her audiences in the hope of creating something new 
whether it be an experience for the viewer or a new sound.

In Norments most recent sound art project ‘Toll’ she s used a glass armonica to create 
her live performances along side a violinist and electric guitar. The glass armonica was 
discovered in the late 18th century by Franz Mesmer who was a German Physician.
He used the armonica in his practice on patients, as it seemed to mesmerize them as he 
was hypnotizing them. The practice didn’t go on for long, as reports came through that 
patients were going mad from exposure to the sounds created by the armonica.  
The claims of patients going mad were never proven.

During the live performances the sheer power of the armonica take the audience a-back, 
the sounds seems to fill the space and even though the audience can see the armoinca 
right in front of them the sounds seems to be coming from everywhere. One member of 
an audience Norments played for even went as far as to say that the performance 
‘penetrated your soul’.

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