Sunday, 30 March 2014


On Friday the the 28th we had a group rehearsal and it was amazing! We got so much done and really 
bonded as a performance group. I believe one of the thing that will hopefully make our performance 
strong is that we really work well as a group. Through out this process we have been 
very mindful of the fact that this is a group piece, we want to create something really beautiful
and to do that we need to compliment each other in terms of sound and all be aiming for the same
over all outcome. 

Our rehearsal ended up being 4 hours , the time just flew by and we got so much sorted. The rehearsal 
was very experimental, as a group we felt we had limited ourselves in pervious sessions by being 
too safe. During the 4 hours we covered: how we wanted to look, how we wanted to sit, the vibe we wanted to convey, 
how to draw sound that we all understood as well as much more.   

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