Wednesday, 26 February 2014

"The New Sound of Music"

This video gives a real insight in to how the first artists would have worked 
at creating their sounds it also highlights their process, which was really
 interesting especially compared to the way musique concrete is created today.

In particular I thought it was really interesting how drastically the sounds 
changed when slowed or played backwards. 
These ideas give so much more potential to a sound. 
Something as dull as hitting a tin when slowed and repeated can begin to 
sound more interesting. 
Potentially some pre-recorded work could be included in our final live performance?

The use of shingle in this piece was also really interesting, 
like we saw in class when marbles were all dropped together it 
seems to make a real difference how many noises you can make at once to create one sound. 
It seems to be more dramatic and captivating.

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