Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Musique Concrete

Musique Concrete is a genre of music that was first developed in the 1940’s by 
experimental composers.  This new kind of music wasn’t restricted to the 
normal ‘rules’ of music making, it was much more open to trial and error. 
Each work was made up of layers of different sounds that came from a variety of places 
including the more traditional areas such as instruments and voices as well as more obscure 
areas such as nature, household objects and electronically produced sound.  
The developing technology of the time also opened up possibilities for artists as it meant they 
were now able to manipulate sound – play it faster, slower backwards until they reached 
the desired sound. Pierre Schaeffer was one of the first composers to begin developing
 the idea of musique concrete; he is believed to be the founder of the genre.

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